Spagyric extraction greatly increases abundance of cannabinoids in hemp extracts.

We produce Spagyric CBD from USDA Certified Organic  Colorado-grown hemp.

Wholesale Inquiries

We've proven nature can answer the call for wellness, time and again.

For nearly 20 years, we've been creating remedies from functional herbs and many of Mother Nature's other botanicals.

If your R&D team hasn't yet explored functional botanicals for innovating new products, please allow us to introduce you to this amazing natural resource. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you to discover the many ways you can incorporate functional herbs, roots, seeds, mushrooms, and barks into your formulations to create truly efficacious products. You can leverage the many years of collective experience we offer as a Spagyric extraction expert and genuine development and supply partner.  

Our philosophy is simple.
Our creations are impressive. 


We stay close to nature, never taking our eye off the goal of wellness.

We forage organic farms across the country to find what really works. 

That is, if we don't already have it in our inventory of 100+ botanicals. Having worked over the years with hundreds of these fruits of nature, we've developed a preference and deep expertise in Spaygric extractions and in formulating blends from raw extracts rather than from distilled extracts that have lost much of their natural goodness in the process.

Customer Testimonial


"When we went looking for someone who knew how to do Spagyric extractions, we found Steve and his team to be experts."

                                   - Jennifer Ellen

                                         London Road Ventures

Our FDA facility was designed to be agile.


Our agile approach fosters an unbridled creative culture. We discover with enthusiasm and curiosity, and create with optimism and determination in pursuit of solutions for even the most challenging of projects. 



We specialize in Spagyric processing, enabling us to produce high-quality remedies that our customers value and continue to come back for time and again.

Blending & Formulating

Our team of herbalists are the real drivers of innovation. They have abounding knowledge necessary to successfully formulate blends that work.

Testing & Quality Control

We conduct testing through independent labs to validate quantitative and qualitative technical specs of each formulation and extract we produce.


Our Inventory of Goodness

We stock over 100 botanical extracts. They are available in bulk for your product-development needs. We also have an extensive portfolio of functional formulations that are available in custom batches. If we don't have what you're looking for, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you to innovate a blend for your needs. 


When you click on the links below, you will be redirected to our online consumer store, where we feature our in-stock extracts and formulations. If you don't find what you're looking for there, please inquire, as we have numerous other formulations we can produce on a craft-batch basis. And if we don't have a formulation that meets your needs, we would love to collaborate with you to create one for you. 

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